Hand juicer

A hand juicer allows you to manually extract the juice out of vegetables, fruits, grasses (!), etc. Some of the benefits are: 1. A hand powered wheatgrass juicer will not clog up and struggle with stringy ingredients. We mentioned wheat grass, but the same goes for barley grass, kale, herbs, and anything else that has long tough fibres.2. It is economical – a hand powered (manual) juicer or wheatgrass juicer is not only much cheaper to buy than an electric device of comparable quality, it also doesn’t cost a single cent to run. This can be particularly important if you live with solar power, or otherwise need to restrict your electricity use.3. As mentioned, you never run the risk of oxidising your juice with a hand juicer – it is simply not possible to generate heat at manually driven speeds, neither does a hand juicer mix air into your juice. The result? Top quality juice every time.4. Using a manually powered juicer is quiet, restful and does not disturb anyone in your home. There is also no need for a big cleanup operation after you are done. A typical hand juicer has only a few moving parts, keeping everything simple and easy.For more details please read the article:
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Blue Ocean Minerals , 8oz bottle

WHAT BLUE OCEAN MINERALS™ BRINGS TO YOU:Perfect Bio AvailabilityHomeostatic BalanceElectrolytic HydrationFull Mineral ReplenishmentSupercharged DigestionImproved SleepIncreased EnergyCalmness in the NervesBlue Ocean Minerals is an ocean derived liquid mineral supplement that comes in an enviro-friendly 8 oz bottle, with #47 doses at 1 tsp/day, and #30 doses at 1.5 tsp/ day.Ingredients: 100% certified pure naturally concentrated low sodium ocean water
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Wellicious Stay Down Leggings -

Are you more the fashion type? Then you have to get the Wellicious Stay Down Leggings that are not only suitable for your Yoga or Pilates Workout, but also for everyday wear! Combine them with a loose T-shirt for a sporty look or your favorite dress for a feminine yet stylish appearance.Fabric: 92% Organic Cotton, 8% Elastane Care instructions: Hand and machine washable at 30° C. Do not tumble dry.Wellicious produces responsibly with the environment and is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OKO-TEX. In addition, all fabrics are dyed with pigments certified by Ecotest which are skin- and environmentally friendly. The products are manufactured in Portugal to guarantee high quality materials, fair working conditions and European Health and Safety Standards.
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Pharmajet needle-free injection system

Needle-Free Jet Injection Technology is the future; whether to benefit the healthcare professional, the anxious patient or to better the environment. Benefits: - Eliminates needle-stick injury - Eliminates needle re-use - Eliminates cross contamination - Reduces expensive “sharps” disposal - Facilitates dose-sparing - Reduces healthcare costs; increases profit margins - Reduces patient anxiety - Improves patient compliance - Fast; as fast as traditional injection protocols The PharmaJet system utilizes a single-use, sterile, auto-disable needle-free syringe in combination with spring-powered energy. PharmaJet Needle-free Injection Benefits include: - Safe; auto-disabling syringe - Versatile syringe; field-fillable, pre-fillable - Broad Utility; deliver medicines/vaccines to intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SC) tissue depths - Spring operated; no external power source needed - Easy; minimal training required - Minimal dead-space; reduced waste - Accurate & consistent injections - Ergonomic design
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