3400 Annabelle Skirt/Dress from Earth Creations

Earth Creations ecological dress


This fun item can be worn as a skirt or a tube-top dress. It features an off-center seam and an angular waistband.
Fabric: 90% organic cotton / 10% lycra jersey

About Earth Creations:

Social responsability at earth creations

When it comes to making clothes, we believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. At earth creations, it’s important to us that our company and our garments positively impact the lives of everyone involved with it—from the organic farmer planting cotton, to the textile workers sewing fabric, to the people wearing our clothing. We work hard to keep earth-friendly goals in mind for everything we do.

Sustainable Fibers

We start by using sustainably grown fibers such as hemp and organically grown cotton for our fabrics. Sustainable materials and organic practices are much more beneficial for the Earth and its people. For example, growing hemp and organic cotton doesn’t require pesticides, which can be harmful to water sources and toxic to the humans who apply it. We require certification from our suppliers that their fabric and yarn are organic and sustainably grown.

Clay dyeing and low-impact dyes

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with fabric; it extends to the dyes we use. In fact, it’s an integral part of what we are all about. The bulk of our clothes are colored using natural clay. The eco-friendly dyeing process we developed for this purpose uses only natural and biodegradable materials. Not only does this process result in beautiful hues, but it also eliminates the need to use or manufacture artificially produced chemical dyestuffs.

Sustainable manufacturing practices

We strongly support Fair Trade and Sweatshop-Free practices. We want to produce the highest-quality garments we can, but not at the expense of hardworking people. Only fairly paid workers make our clothing, whether they live in the United States or elsewhere.

Our sawing plant at Moulton, AL

In 2004 we purchased a sewing facility in rural Alabama, where most of our garments are now sewn. We employ some of the best hardworking, dedicated people in the community at a fair wage. Our employees work in a clean and safe environment, and they actually believe in what they do. Many have years of experience in the garment industry, but lost their jobs after former employers took textile operations overseas. Some had not worked in years. By providing local jobs, hopefully we help keep a piece of our rural American culture alive.

World Wide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified
35,5 USD ($)
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