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The secret of the PW1000G engine is not the Fan Drive Gear System (FDGS). It’s the game-changing geared turbofan (GTF) architecture enabled by the FDGS, and supported by a family of engines at the highest level of technology readiness. We don’t have to compromise on noise, maintenance, and installation, to get a big improvement in fuel burn. We get much higher efficiency out of every module in the engine.
The most efficient fan in its class:
A large, light-weight fan moves well over 90% of air around the core, delivering a very quiet engine with very low fuel burn.

The most efficient compressor and turbine in their class:
A compact, high-speed low-pressure system accomplishes the same work in fewer stages. That means fewer airfoils, fewer life-limited parts, and ultimately lower maintenance costs.

A really cool core:
The supercharged low-pressure system allows the advanced PurePower engine core – optimized for high-cycle durability – to run cooler than the competition, with fewer stages, and without expensive, exotic materials. That means longer time on wing and lower maintenance costs.

Unlike traditional engine designs, the geared architecture is just getting started. It is the solution for this decade—and the next one. That means the technology you buy today, P&W will build upon tomorrow. And that''s the best investment you could make.

Pratt & Whitney PurePower® Engines
Dependable Engines to the rescue.

The PurePower® PW1000G engine improves fuel burn — gate-to-gate — by 16% versus today’s best engines. With the benefits of a new, advanced airplane the fuel burn benefit can be even greater — over 20% versus today’s best aircraft. That can be a significant savings to your business — and to your customers.
The PurePower® PW1000G engine cuts carbon emissions by over 3,000 metric tonnes — equal to planting over 700,000 trees — per aircraft per year. And Pratt & Whitney’s TALON™ X combustor slashes NOx exhaust gases 50% below CAEP/6. Benefits which are good for the environment, and may help brush off increasing environmental fees.
The PurePower® PW1000G engine slashes aircraft noise footprints by up to 75% — a big relief to communities. At up to 20 decibels below today’s most stringent standard, it is the quietest engine in its class. Meaning lower noise fees, shorter flight tracks, extended curfew operation, and quieter cabins. Good for airlines and good for passengers.
The PurePower® PW1000G engine isn’t just about delivering the lowest fuel burn, emissions and noise — it’s about paying out uncompromised savings and operational benefits. That adds up to a competitive advantage for airlines: the lowest costs, and the most flexibility. Win, win.
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