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Breadometer™ solves the problem of unevenly baked dough products in a unique, patent pending one-piece probe designed to find the slowest-heating region in the baked good, reliably and repeatedly. Breadometer works with M.O.L.E.® MAP software and 6-channel BakeWATCH® thermal profilers, SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 and SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold.

Finding the portion of the baked good that takes the longest to reach specified bake temperature (Arrival Time) becomes a slow and iterative process by a bakery engineer skilled in such instrumentation. This is especially true for yeast breads due to oven spring, which randomly alters the vertical location of individually inserted thermocouple sensors. But with the new Breadometer, a single probe insertion is all that’s required to perfectly profile your product. It’s quick and simple - any employee can perform the task without interrupting production. This means you’ll realize production quality initiatives faster and be more successful with bake cycle data you can trust.

Breadometer locates 5 thermocouples into the dough while the 6th channel remains outside to measure oven zone temperature performance along the conveyor or shelf. The end of the stainless steel shaft cleaves into the dough for a clean insertion while the stop disk up top sets a repeatable depth. MAP software extracts the data channel situated at a depth that took the longest to reach temperature (highest Arrival Time %) and uses it to automatically calculate & report signature S-Curve data so relevant to controlling an optimum bake. This built-in template is again a huge time saver, compared to manually calculating Entry, Exit, Average, Yeast Kill and Gelatinization temperatures as well as % Bake Time to Arrival. Breadometer is the tool you need to rapidly introduce new products, counter commodities volatility and improve products performance and benchmarking.

Minimize Ingredient Usage

Considering the costs incurred by throwing ingredients at the challenges of inconsistent bake results and meeting package weight requirements, wouldn’t you rather be in control of the situation? A Breadometer™ automatically and consistently selects the slowest to arrive temperature channel from which to make bake cycle adjustment decisions correctly for an optimum bake. Enzyme kills and gelatinization data optimizes specialty enzyme benefits as well.

Reduce Energy usage

Profiling an oven with lateral balance tuning and setpoints performance accuracy is critical for bake cycle performance as well as energy savings. And, conquering package weight without overages can minimize bake times for increased throughput and profits.
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Shared by Andy Backer
19/07/2013 0:11

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Andy Backer
In case they don´t implement this already, it would be interesting to consider connecting these sensors online. That way a bakery chain can supervise the baking process in a centralized manner.
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