DAGOBA Organic Chocolates


Chocolate Bars, Drinking Chocolate, Baking Products, Tasting Squares, and Professional Products.
Chocolate''s rich history dates back to ancient times. Early Mayans revered cacao as a drink of the gods. Aztecs used cacao beans as currency. In 2001, our founder Frederick Schilling became intrigued by this legacy, and started making his own organic chocolate. Ingredients included Chai tea spices, chilies and dried rosehips. As word spread, demand grew.
Where Cacao Meets Conservation
This passion soon evolved into a business with a mission: to craft deeply satisfying chocolate in a socially responsible way. Its name — DAGOBA chocolate — comes from the Sanskrit word for temple.

In sourcing its ingredients, the DAGOBA company forged partnerships with cacao growers and their communities, encouraging farmers to grow organic crops. In Oregon, the DAGOBA factory honors the earth''s limited resources by reducing energy consumption, using recyclable packaging and striving for zero waste from farm to consumer.
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