MESA Programs on Sustainable Agriculture


MESA''s U.S. hosts embrace a "learn and share" model of cross-cultural exchange. MESA stewards are as eager to share their agricultural traditions and techniques as they are to learn about innovations in sustainable agriculture. Hosts and stewards develop a collaborative and open dialogue, resulting in meaningful training experiences, professional networking and often life-long friendships.

MESA partners with hosts in diverse agriculture producing regions throughout the U.S. MESA hosts represent various scales of operation as well as a diversity of expertise in organic, biodynamic, and transitional agricultural production and marketing. Hosts mentor and provide accommodations for the MESA stewards for a full season, and contribute monthly program fees that enable MESA to offer exceptional steward benefits, including: visa sponsorship, orientation/exit seminars, medical insurance, stipends, U.S. travel and coordinator support.

The common denominator linking our hosts is their commitment to MESA''s mission of: sponsoring a new generation of agrarian leaders, linking current innovations with global traditions in sustainable agriculture to promote land stewardship, localized economies, and cultural awareness.
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