Pharmajet needle-free injection system

Pharmajet needless injection system


Needle-Free Jet Injection Technology is the future; whether to benefit the healthcare professional, the anxious patient or to better the environment.


- Eliminates needle-stick injury
- Eliminates needle re-use
- Eliminates cross contamination
- Reduces expensive “sharps” disposal
- Facilitates dose-sparing
- Reduces healthcare costs; increases profit margins
- Reduces patient anxiety
- Improves patient compliance
- Fast; as fast as traditional injection protocols

The PharmaJet system utilizes a single-use, sterile, auto-disable needle-free syringe in combination with spring-powered energy.

PharmaJet Needle-free Injection Benefits include:
- Safe; auto-disabling syringe
- Versatile syringe; field-fillable, pre-fillable
- Broad Utility; deliver medicines/vaccines to intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SC) tissue depths
- Spring operated; no external power source needed
- Easy; minimal training required
- Minimal dead-space; reduced waste
- Accurate & consistent injections
- Ergonomic design
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