Used sheets of paper
Bucket with water
Tray with water
Wooden spoon
Fine strainer
Frame with grid
Fabric pieces
2 wooden boards or metallic

Cut the sheets of paper in small pieces

Put them inside the bucket and leave them for half a day

Move the water with the spoon often to facilitate the paper to break.

Take the paper pulp with the strainer and put it in the jar

Crush the mix more with the spoon

The finer the mix is, the less grainy it will turn out and the easier it will be to write on (we can also use a blender to make it finer)

Empty the jar content into the tray with water

Submerge the frame into the tray and take it out again distributing the paper mix uniformly over the grid

Stir the inside of the tray frequently with the spoon to homogenize the liquid.

When all the water is drained from the paper pulp, put a piece of fabric over the grid.

Cover the film of paper pulp with another piece of fabric

Submerge the frame into the tray and put the drained content over the previous fabric. When finished, cover the pile with other fabric piece and repeat these steps until you get a pile of the number of paper sheets you want.

Put the previous pile between two wooden boards and compress it with weight over the new pile (i.e. putting some large books over the board)

When all the water is drained from the pile, take the fist table and separate the mixed paper sheets from the fabric pieces very carefully.

Let the sheets dry in a dry and hot place for a whole day and... Ready for reuse!

It is posible to create a great variety of paper types using old paper, mixing dyes or even mixing seeds, flower petals or whatever you want.
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