SonarBell, passive underwater acoustic positioning reflector



Whether for large scale pelagic trawling or recovery of pots, SonarBell® offers a cost effective asset marking solution to the fishing industry

Placed on a trawl net, for example, SonarBell® could give the operator information on the shape of the net, assisting them to catch the more mature and valuable stock. There is the added benefit that if a net is lost at sea the SonarBell® provides a strong sonar target to assist in its timely recovery, thereby reducing environmental damage.

SonarBell® can also play a role in improving fishing in other respects:

Improving the recovery of scientific equipment used in the collection of data for population and environment monitoring.
Effective marking of ‘no fishing’ areas or underwater hazards to reduce net damage.
Potentially deterring by-catch by providing a very large reflection from fishing nets so that sonar using mammals are alerted to their presence.

SALT Ltd is working to produce the SonarBell® at suitable frequencies and physical toughness for this market. There will be two product sizes made available, 20cm (8inch) and 10cm (4 inch) and these will initially be available for the following frequencies:

28 to 33 kHz
85 to 95 kHz
180 kHz
Work on producing a SonarBell® suitable for mammal protection will be undertaken if a commercial or legislative sponsor can be found.
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